This symposium will bring together as faculty, leading experts to discuss and share the latest treatments and advancements in stereotactic radiation therapy. The speakers will address four separate modules including head and neck, pelvis and prostate, breast cancers and SBRT. The program will also include four live lecture demonstrations on the functionality of the various equipment options to improve patient positioning and immobilization.

This ​​program ​​will ​​be ​​accredited ​​and ​​afford ​​you ​​an ​​opportunity ​​to ​​earn ​​credits ​​from ​​ASRT, ​​MDCB, ​​and ​​CAMPEP. This meeting has applied to CAMPEP for approval of 8.0 MPCEC hours anticipated.​​ ​​The program has also been accredited by ASRT and MDCB for 8 credit hours.  We ​​encourage ​​you ​​to ​​check ​​the ​​Qfix ​​and ​​Symposium ​​websites ​​often ​​for ​​updates ​​and ​​important ​​announcements ​​including ​​airline ​​partnerships. ​​ ​​If ​​you ​​have ​​specific ​​questions ​​please ​​ ​​e-mail ​

Needs Statement:
Recent rapid technical advances have changed the way patients are positioned and immobilized for treatment. Many techniques such as SBRT and SRS and IGT are continuing to evolve, and it will be several years before we fully understand the available techniques and associated clinical outcomes. A successful clinic must review and understand the latest advancements in patient immobilization options.

Program Objectives:
Present an overview of the current planning, positioning and immobilization techniques and technology.
Discuss challenges and issues with current techniques.
Acquire practical knowledge of the evolving solutions.

Target Audience
This symposium is designed to meet the educational needs of radiotherapy professionals, including therapists, technologists, dosimetrists, physicists and physicians to discuss the latest advancements in patient positioning and immobilization solutions.

Miami Cancer Institute
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